I apologize for infrequent updating here over the summer. My ongoing health problems, busy children, a death in the family, and then the demise of my laptop have been factors that have kept me from here the past couple of months. I wanted to drop in quickly to alert readers to some action and activism needed on the SNAP (Farm Bill) front. Because I’m short on time, I’m sharing here a good summary from wall-of-us:

Because of your calls and letters, it’s down to the wire on SNAP (food stamps). The House version, which passed by just 2 votes, would tighten eligibility requirements and according to a Congressional Budget Office estimate, lead to some 400,000 households losing eligibility and put kids in need at risk for receiving free and reduced-price school meals. Although it also includes money for education and training programs, the effectiveness of these programs need to be evaluated before they become a pre-condition to assistance. The Senate version, which passed by much bigger margin, is the better way to go. Reconciliation of the two bills is happening now and the House conferee’s have now been named.

Now is the time to make sure they know where you stand on SNAP.

Here’s how:

1 Review the Farm Bill Talking PointsFarm Bill Field Toolkit, & SNAP Fact Sheet

2 Use the handsoffsnap.org toolkit to urge the House’s conferees to adopt the Senate SNAP provisions.

3 For more, read FRAC’s new report, “How Hungry is America?“, on how the national food hardship rate has increased in recent years.

As always, if you’re someone who hates making calls & deals with some anxiety over it, it’s helpful to write yourself a little script of what your going to say. This is a great tip sheet for phone calling with anxiety: How to Call Your Reps When You Have Social Anxieties