Happy October,ya’ll.

I don’t even know what happened to September but I’ll try here to figure it out.

September started out poor as usual. We had to borrow $500 from our teenage daughter to pay rent, for crying out loud.

Our electric bill was $1.32,though. Manageable.

I could not tell you a single food budget related thing except that because my husband worked overtime , we made $62 too much to recertify for SNAP.

My health issues continued but finally, I had a magic procedure done, which involved an overnight stay in the hospital and soooooo much pain for days.

My husband took a week vacation PLUS family leave time to basically be me for recovery time. He’s back to work as of yesterday but I’m still  recovering honestly. I’m still weak and have zero appetite. No more pain and I can feel that the procedure is working to kill off that life and soul sucking fibroid I had named Tammy but I’m still not 100% fully functional.

The day after I had the UFE,aforementioned teen daughter who graduated from high school in June a year early, moved to Brooklyn with her boyfriend who is now working at a certain late night comedy show that’s on TV Saturday nights . Live.

I’ve been very emotional about this. She’s my youngest daughter, my baby girl, except that she’s not really. She’s an incredibly smart,capable,brave young woman who is just fine without her Mama in the big city. *sniffles* But also, all my daughters(and one son)are grown and scattered to different cities and all I have at home now are these two stinky boys who spend way too much time playing video games and I swear they’re speaking an entirely different language from me sometimes.
(But according to their teachers, they are also fine young men who are kind and smart and all of that so yay )

So that was September.
I have just one basic goal for October and that’s to continue to mend and get back to work. EASY PEASY.