Links|Nov 12-18

Things that are probably relavant to your interests if you’re hanging out at this blog

× What to do if you suddenly become homeless – some good basic tips
× Laziness Does Not Exist (but unseen barriers do)–  “It’s really helpful to respond to a person’s ineffective behavior with curiosity rather than judgment.” If you’re inclined to label someone’s behavior as lazy, there’s probably factors you’re not aware of that deserve consideration (not that it’s anyone’s job to concern themselves with so things but anyway…)

× Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Learned Her Most Important Lessons from Restaurants 

For Ocasio-Cortez, food is political, and the most tangible indicator of our social inequities. Sure, as living beings we all must eat to survive—and there’s unity in that—but what we eat and how much and where it comes from and what we must do to get it varies widely. “The food industry is the nexus of almost all of the major forces in our politics today,” she says. “It’s super closely linked with climate change and ethics. It’s the nexus of minimum wage fights, of immigration law, of criminal justice reform, of health care debates, of education. You’d be hard-pressed to find a political issue that doesn’t have food implications.”


× As Jeff Bezos Earns $191K Per Minute, Why Are NY & VA Giving Amazon $3 Billion in Corporate Welfare? – Answer: Because Cuomo is a turd

× New York Assemblymember Ron Kim wants to block that $3M handout to Amazon and use it to resolve student loan debt instead – I like this idea better.

× Barbara Lee on Iraq, Poverty, and Getting A Seat At The Table – 
an excellent profile of Representative Lee by Rebecca Traister. In the 70s, Lee was a single mom on welfare and says since becoming a Congresswoman, she wants to focus on poverty and low income families.She also touches on the EACH Woman Act which repeals the Hyde Amendment (which disallows Federal money to be spent on abortions for low incoe women, restricting accessibility.

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