diabetes is beating us

One month of my dearest husbeast’s diabetes meds is $609.14.
His insurance will pay for it entirely once we’ve met our $4,000 deductible but what about until then? We have a flex spending account which is entirely spent now,mostly on meds, a mere three months into the year.
This was a med his insurance didn’t cover at all until recently (it’s Trulicity). His doctor’s office supplied the injection pens via “samples” until it would. I am confident they will help if we can’t afford them next month (and until that deductible is met). I also still have Taxmas money I stashed in savings just in case.
What about people who don’t have that assurance and resources? Our medical expenses are nothing compared to some people struggling with this backwards bananas healthcare crisis. I’m fucking worried, America. We’re not ok. This isn’t ok. None of it.

Also, this week I needed new glasses and our insurance covers nothing eye related. . Not even the eye exam. Hello, insurance companies? My eyes are a part of my body and they need glasses to pretty much do every damn thing necessary to get through the day. $729 for glasses. Lucky me it was my birthday earlier this month and my mom paid for part of the glasses.
[sidenote: I could write another 600 words on how extraordinary it was that my mom gave me money for anything. This has never happened before to my recollection. Like…nearly homeless, no money for groceries,electricity shut off … those times when I could have used some mom-money? Nope. She must really like the idea of me being able to see clearly. I just don’t know]

Yeah, this was an expensive week.

10 thoughts on “diabetes is beating us


  2. It’s astonishing that nearly all other industrialized countries (and even some which aren’t) provide health care to their citizens. I believe we will get there eventually but because everything is about profit and corporate greed here, it’s likely not going to happen in my life time. I feel for you. My significant other has COPD, is retired with Medicare only (no drug coverage) & the inhaler his doctor wants him to use is over $400. Needless to say, he goes without it & uses less effective ones given to him by a relative with allergies because she always has extra (she has Blue Cross). Many people are afraid that socialized medicine will result in decisions made about who will live and who will die. I argue that insurance companies are already doing that by making health care so expensive that those among us who have the least and for whom there isn’t a screaming voice are already victims.

  3. Whenever I read stories like this from US bloggers I thank God for the Cdn. healthcare system (I filled 3 prescriptions last week and the cost to me was zero because I am now 65) – don’t get me wrong, they don’t cover everything but I also have a retirement pkg. from my office and for $140/mth I get $250 every two years for glasses – my eye exam is now free and that monthly payment covers $1500 per year worth of physiotherapy or massage therapy or things like shoe inserts. It also includes dental coverage – my check ups, x-rays & things like fillings are covered for 90% and 50% for any other major needs. It also includes insurance pkgs. life insurance etc. I cannot imagine not being able to go to the doctor when I was feeling ill because I couldn’t afford it. I hope things improve for you soon.

  4. The U.S. upcharges meds by like 100% compared to the rest of the world. It’s ridiculous! I’m lucky to have State insurance otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford any of my medication. I’m showing up as prediabetic now. I also have liver problems now that I have to eat ALL organic for on FOOD STAMPS LOL. Yeah, so basically I can only afford to eat 1 week outta the month. It’s crazy to me that to be able to eat healthy you have to have $. Don’t the powers that be realize if it was more affordable to be able to live a healthy life style they wouldn’t have to pay out on our meds?!?! But, maybe that’s the way they like it…

    1. Isn’t it ridiculous?! My college-aged-daughter recently asked me why insurance doesn’t cover food when drs say that’s what they’re supposed to eat. Excellent question. I know there’s one local farm/food advocacy group that has “prescription” packages for low income folks with health issues but I’m betting that’s a long way off from being a common thing :-/

      1. Yeah and vitamins too. For my liver I have to be very careful about what I eat, and there’s a bunch of vitamins that I have to take. They’re super expensive, and insurance doesn’t cover them. They really should though because the Dr told me I have to take them. I feel like I should be able to get a prescription for them to bring the cost down, but of course I can’t.

      2. Interesting.Yep, doesn’t make sense.
        I’m anemic and my dr prescribed iron and vitamin C. My insurance would cover it but since we’re paying out of pocket until deductible is met, we bought them over the counter since it was much less expensive than through the pharmacy.

      3. It was more expensive thru the pharmacy?! CRAZY!! It’s things like that that make me feel like our government actually wants us sick and on meds just for the $. I prob sound like a crazy conspiracy theory person, but I promise I’m not lol. It’s just since I got sick I’ve started to notice a lot of horrible things about our health care system. Oh I tried to get ur recipe for laundry detergent, but the page wouldn’t load. Could I have it plz? I have to eliminate as many toxins as possible. Even things I touch. So that means chemical free cleaning products, laundry soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc…

  5. I had gestational diabetes that has basically decided to stick around. I had Medicaid but chose to purchase my own supplies since I had seen again and again that Medicaid did not give you the amount of strips that were needed for testing 4x day. I saw a lot of people on support groups I followed who were being charged astronomical amounts for testing supplies by insurance, and some of the people came forward and said they worked at labs and that the cheap Wal-Mart one was the same as the one at their lab. So that’s what I use. I know medication is a different ballgame though, my mom-in-law is diabetic and has a “donut hole” in her insurance where she has to pay $900 for three months of the year for medication.

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