Minutiae: 3/29-4/1


Had to return teen’s brand new computer because the motherboard croaked. Fortunately, Best Buy let us just exchange it, and as it turned out the new one was less expensive so they refunded some money.
We went to lunch at a place I remembered being great 20 years ago.
It is no longer great.
Charred food and I cracked a tooth on an olive pit. Who puts olives with pits in their salad? Kinda weird. But what’s more dental work at this point,am I right? we just paid the bill and left. My tooth didn’t hurt and I just…I don’t know. The waitress was great and I felt bad for the sad decline of the place but then felt that weird poor people guilt about spending money on eating in a restaurant the rest of the day. Even though it the food was terrible and I cracked a tooth, and it wasn’t even that expensive. Being chronically low income really fucks with your head.

Boys got home from school and we drove to the library to meet someone who had posted a need in the local gift economy group for boys size 7 pants, which my kiddo just grew out of. I got out of the car to pass off the bag of clothes and noticed the car was overheating. Somehow made it to the mechanic near our house. They were just leaving for the weekend, so we parked it and walked home. Had eggs and bacon for dinner because I was just so done with everything and it was easy.


Cracked tooth started hurting and by afternoon my jaw was swollen. Clove oil, salt water rinses, whiskey,all other home remedies employed.
Husbeast had to take the day off because of no car and no buses on the weekend to get him to work on time. He made it downtown to rent a uhaul pickup (cheapest deal) so he wouldn’t miss Sunday (time and a half pay) and Monday , his early shift that no one else can really do but him.


Just really drained from the tooth pain.


The teenager turned 14.All he wanted for his birthday dinner was Arby’s and cheesecake. Fine.Done.

Swelling and pain finally started going away. Made a dental appointment but it won’t be until May. We got a quote on car repairs: $2,030. Like,wtf, Universe? I have some money in savings from Taxmas and you gotta come for it all?

Paid rent: $750
We’re living here without a lease right now. I had asked in February if landlords would be willing to sell us the trailer and they said yes. Back in January, I found out that they moved out of state, and it seems like they really aren’t that into caring about their properties here, so I figured why not? I honestly had figured the amount would be pretty low. Not only due to the repairs needs but also I’ve been looking at mobile homes for sale around the same age and most in the same condition are selling for $5-7K.
They finally got back to me with their asking price: $20K
It’s hilarious. There’s no way that’s happening.

2 thoughts on “Minutiae: 3/29-4/1

  1. try a glass of water with 5 or 6 drops of iodine. DON’T SWALLOW IT. Just apply to infected area via waterpik (or squirt gun) or sip, hold in mouth, then spit out. This has worked for me every time. Dentist was appalled but didn’t say NOT to do it.

  2. I swear the emergencies know when Taxmas is. I hope your landlords figure out their offer was silly and come down to a normal amount. I hate when people price things based on what they’d like to have instead of the actual market.

    Good luck with the tooth. If you do the iodine thing you might want to follow up with some tooth cement to keep it dry and sealed until the dentist appointment.

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