rent rant

I’m two days late paying rent but the landlord hasn’t even cashed my May rent check yet. At the end of April, they cashed both March & April. You know who can hang on to multiple rent checks for over a month? People who don’t need money. They’re adamant that rent be paid that 1st week …but then just hang on to the checks? And try to charge $5/day late fee. More money they don’t need and won’t put back into their rentals to fix basic shit and make it less of a dump.

9 thoughts on “rent rant

  1. That just baffles me, why would they be holding onto it? But as you say, that money certainly isn’t going back into the places they are renting out….

  2. Don’t know if I shared this with you, but I’m ‘house sharing’ now. Since the offspring are on their own, this is an option for me. My landlord is one of my roommates. It’s challenging. My docs would like me to stop working or at least work an amount which is not conducive to paying any kind of rent or eating even once a day.

    Can someone tell me when it gets easier? String enough good moments together every day.

    Love the Twitter link telling me you have a new post!

    1. I’m so glad that’s an option at least! But yeah,that sounds super challenging. It does have to get better,right? Right?!

      I was just saying the other day that boarding houses should make a comeback. We need some better options out there to get through this.

  3. Yep. I’ve had to “stimulate” my landlord’s office within the past few months to deposit my check. (Of course, his 1-person office is as sloppy as the rest of his operation.)

  4. Omg true!!! I just had to leave my rented room because the landlord raised the rent out of my reach, without warning. Somehow I’m the bad guy too.

    1. I’m so sorry. I hope you were able to find another place ok!
      It’s so expensive to move,too. Especially when it’s sudden and you have to scramble to make things happen.

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