Help me smile. Literally.

I wrote almost exactly five years ago about a trip to the dentist and outlining all my dental woes.
You can read that HERE.
To sum it up, it was a lot of work and expensive. It’s actually more now.

5 years later, my situation is even worse and at a point where it’s critical I get the dental care I need. I spent the month of May and some of June in excruciating pain.
I’ve been on antibiotics twice in the last 2 months to try to get infections under control. At this moment, I’m doing better and relatively pain free but it’s tenuous. What I can eat is limited.
My overall health literally depends on getting this dental work done.

My daughter started a gofundme to fund my dental care. I’ve looked into every imaginable option besides this and have come up with no other solution.
My insurance still has a $1,500/year coverage but will only cover a percentage of some of the individual procedures and the endodontist requires payment up front anyway. The total estimate of all work done is around $9,000. (Seriously. Also, whatever happens with healthcare in America after 2020, please let’s fight to make dental health a part of whole health. This is ridiculous)

I have an easier time asking for help for everyone else and the world in general so it’s hard but I’m putting this link here to the donation page and thanking all of you in advance for your help, no matter how small, and even if it’s just sharing this widely. Every dollar helps and I’m immensely grateful for it.
Thank you all for listening & supporting ❤
If you’re not loving gofundme right now for whatever reason, I also have a Paypal link :

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