Hi. These links are old. But still good.

I started this post way back in … late June? Early July? Not only is life just not cooperating in all sorts of areas but also, MY LAPTOP DIED. Turns out it was just a charger issue but anyway, all that is to say… these links are over a month old. Still important,though! I think especially in this state of *waves arms around* whatever this is right now, a lot of these news things and big thoughts get buried or there’s just so much happening that it’s hard to be aware of everything. It certainly won’t hurt to share here in case y’all missed something.
Also, there are a ton of things that Trump wants to do to food stamps and I have NOT covered any of that here. I will do that separately. It’s a lot.

x Judge rules that St Louis jails can’t hold inmates who can’t pay bail
This is so important and needs to gain traction nationwide.

x In June, transgender woman Layleen Polanco died while in solitary confinement at Riker’s Island. She was there because she couldn’t pay $500 bail.

x “It’s tough to go around without teeth” Texas prisons are using 3D printing to make dentures for inmates. This is really amazing and honestly I’m glad for the inmates.

x Food Stamps helps left rural America out of the Great Recession
“$22,000 in tax dollars spent on food stamps between 2001 to 2014 created about one job. Grocery subsidies, which families usually spend right away, immediately pumped money into rural supermarkets and small businesses (and their employees) at a time when jobs were scarce.”
I never understand when grocery store/Walmart clerks come into my social media comments to demonize SNAP recipients. SNAP is why they have a job.

x Speaking of demonizing people on welfare… this was a good episode about The Welfare Queen stereotype that Reagan and Reaganites fondly used in the 80s that still follows us today. The case of Linda Taylor (the conservative representation used as The Welfare Queen) is fascinating and crosses into true crime you can read more about in Josh Levin’s new book The Queen: The Forgotten Life Behind An American Myth

Related reading: The Mothers Who Fought To Radically Reimagine Welfare

x Rep. Rashida Tlaid introduces a plan that’s the closest thing to Universal Basic Income
The best way to help poor people is to give them money and this plan does that. $3,000 per year to individuals, $6,000 for families.

5 thoughts on “Hi. These links are old. But still good.

  1. 7/28 CBS news reported that 3.1 million SNAP recipients are about to lose all of their food buying benefits. Rumor says this means senior citizens…does anyone know?

    1. What this administration has been doing since 2017 is basically trying to revoke all the power individual states have an only apply federal rules so this newest 3.1 million cut has to do with automatic eligibility which most states do. Basically, if someone is receiving assistance through one government program, they’re automatically eligible for all other programs and don’t have to apply. This kicks everyone off and makes them apply individually for each program.

    2. I’ll do a post on all the specifics this weekend put one thing pertaining to senior citizens…if the federal rules are in effect and states can’t opt out, it would also mean that older people can’t have more than $3,500 to be eligible for SNAP.

  2. I know they are now requiring recertifications yearly for people who have traditionally not been required because they are permanently disabled, for example. The questionnaire needs to be answered very carefully. Answering the questions the wrong way about who makes and prepares food in a household can wind up costing a person their benefits. There is a website called “ How to get on” that can help with how to navigate the forms and get the most benefits or keep from losing what you already receive.

    1. I also advise anyone who needs help with these application to call their local social services office. Many will have case workers or volunteers at events or places specifically for this. Like they might be at a library one day a month or at certain foods pantries,WIC clinics,etc.

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