easiest homemade tomato soup ever

easiest homemade tomato soup ever

I am finally done dealing with this years tomato crop. I brought the last of the red-ripe ones in the other day and then happened to catch an episode of The Chew where Daphne Oz made Creamy Tomato Soup and since the few I brought in weren’t enough to bother processing to can or freeze, I figured I might as well make them into soup.

The variety of large tomatoes I grew this summer were Rutgers, an heirloom tomato developed by, as the name suggests, Rutgers University in the 1930s. The variety became THE favorite for the canning industry and Campbell’s preferred it for their tomato soup.

And now I totally get why. They made superb soup. This variety is a keeper. High yield, disease resistant, good for eating straight up and for cooking. Thumbs up, Lyman Schermerhorn.

My house is a cave not meant for food photography. Those bit in the soup are wedges of cheesy, heavily toasted bread (oversized croutons).

Here’s the recipe via The Chew ….sort of? On that episode, Daphne used fresh tomatoes. And I don’t think she peeled them. I know I didn’t.  My “pantry anarchy” take on it was to sub half and half for heavy cream and I used veggie stock instead of chicken. I had both onions and garlic from the food pantry and fresh thyme and basil from the garden. Also, I pureed in the regular blender (the one sent to me by one of my readers, Rose! Thanks again, Rose🙂 )


It’s raining!

If you ever wondered what would be my breaking point, it’s having no running water. I’ve lived without it before (as I’m sure I keep mentioning) and hey, it really,really sucks. I have no clue why people want to romanticize pioneer living. No. Get out of here. It’s horrible. If I ever get to be a rich lady, I will give oodles of money to people all over the world to make sure everyone has access to clean,running water. From Flint to Fallujah and all parts around and in between. And I will crush water-stealing capitalists like Nestle like the cockroaches they are.
DROUGHT: Local dry conditions to continue through 2016
But it’s raining here! I may have water again soon.
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This rain is supposed to be a good one, lasting many days. Well, maybe that’s not all good. I’m waking up to flash flood warnings this morning. Still…RAIN IS HAPPENING.  The rent isn’t paid for October and there’s still that outrageous electric bill to pay but it’s raining. Piles of dirty laundry and dishes  don’t exactly enhance my mood on top of stupid poor people problems.

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I honestly rarely pay attention to my “likes” on the Poor as Folk Facebook page but I can’t help but notice that any time I post anything related to transgender people struggling  with poverty,homelessness,housing and job discrimination  – I lose a ton of followers. “What does this have to do with anything here?” I hear it SO many times. As long as I keep hearing that question and see people turn away because of my support of transgender people, I will keep putting the information out there about why this is an issue.

Climate change, hunger and poverty must be addressed together — DESERTIFICATION

Photo credit: FAO A farmer in Tanzania in a rice paddy which uses a climate-smart system to intensify production. World Food Day highlights that climate is changing and that food and agriculture must too Italian Prime Minister Renzi, Pope Francis and Princess Lalla Hasnaa of Morocco urge collective action The resounding message from this […]

via Climate change, hunger and poverty must be addressed together — DESERTIFICATION

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This is a fascinating lost interview from 1979 with Ronald Reagan , 18 months before he was elected President. I think listening to this helps me understand why my Grandfather  (grew up poor during that same era) loved Reagan so much. It’s interesting to hear him discuss the way the political parties had shifted at that point. Much talk of bootstraps. He says the way to help poor people is that poor people have to “get over” being poor like it’s a mindset and not an economic situation.




I’ll just skip over all the trivial things for this weekly update and just report on the most important thing: We have a grandbaby! 8 lbs, 53 cm…perfectly healthy and awesome. I am so grateful for technology so we can at least see the little squirt since Belgium is a tad far to travel. Skype assured me via twitter that they are working on smell-o-vision so I can get a whiff of that new baby smell.

I’m now knitting all the baby things and deciding on the perfect quilt to make.  Yay,babies!