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[contents: segregation in education, transgender women living in poverty & violence in Detroit,gentrification in Washington DC & San Francisco, evictions,housing ]


Me today but with these links.

99-year-old woman facing eviction from her Western Addition apartment – 90-effing-9 years old and bastards served her an eviction notice. The woman has lived in the apartment since the 50’s and was granted a lifetime lease. The building owners claim she isn’t living there but her family insists otherwise.


Wealthy Virginia county plans to redistrict high poverty,mostly Hispanic families into separate schools – economic and racial segregation in schools isn’t new but it’s usually more subtle and not so blatantly planned. The board’s argument for the plan is that resources can be focused on these “high need” schools but history and experience contradicts that this will actually happen. Schools with low income students may get more for meals programs but they tend to have less money for quality programming and curriculum

How Detroit is becoming a flashpoint of violence against trans women – I’m tired of people asking me why I talk about transgender people on a blog that’s “supposed to be about poverty”. If you really need a deep explanation, this piece is excellent at explaining how transgender people are kept in a cycle of poverty and subjected to violence.

Mice, bedbugs, broken heaters: What it takes for D.C. to sue a landlord for neglect – The Washington Post – gentrification, ffs.

Giving poor people houses,food,and jobs!

My week was so much ughhhhhhhh so this link round up is fluffy or good news.


Homeless people in Atlanta are growing organic food for shelter residents

The garden is on the rooftop of a shelter and the goal was to make it so residents could eat something green every day. The garden is also providing work and skills training for homeless folks.



Eco-friendly home built free of charge for Six Nations woman –  Flower is just one of many people living in inadequate housing on a reservation and she’s now fortunate enough to have that change. Earthship Biotecture is building her a house for free. The houses are amazing, offering space to grow food year round ,efficient heat,and sustainable water & sewage system. ♥

Youth Learning Center Turns to Urban Farming for Education, Neighborhood Revitalization – In Fort Wayne, they put an urban farm with a commercial kitchen and educational center in the middle of a food desert. Bazinga.

This food truck is doing an amazing thing to help ex-prison inmates – they are ONLY employing formerly imprisoned individuals (sorry…I know it’s longer than “ex-con” but that term bothers me)




Arrow’s Stephen Amell is crowdfunding a superpowered class drama – oooooooohh.
Well, actually it’s not just Stephen. Robbie Amell (Ronnie/Firestorm/Deathstorm in The Flash) is working on this,too. The premise of Code 8 is that 4% of the world is born with superpowers but forced to live in poverty. I hope this gets to be a thing. The film would be an expansion of this short film by Jeff Chan.


“The Sioux Chef” Sean Sherman on “oppression foods” and bringing back “pre-reservation food”

Daily Dozen isn’t working for me. Sometimes 12 is too much and sometimes I don’t have time to do it every day. Welcome to  “However Many Links I Happen To Have Posted At Random Frequency”.

As someone who gives everything a name, even inanimate objects, it’s going to bother me to not have a better, definitive name for link round ups but I’ll live.

[Contents: California, homeless rights, renter’s rights,housing, indigenous foods,commodity foods, Native American, Minnesota, Sioux Chef, Lakota, food on reservations]

California Bill Defends the Right of the Homeless to Rest in Public • SJS – “SB 876 asserts that homeless people cannot be discriminated against simply because they are unhoused. This means that they have the right to “to use and to move freely in public spaces, the right to rest in public spaces and to protect oneself from the elements, the right to eat in any public space in which having food is not prohibited, and the right to perform religious observances in public spaces.”

via Community Tenants Union. The general idea here is that housing is a basic human right and people NEED housing. That human need shouldn’t trump an owner’s desire to build a portfolio.Renters are highly exploited to benefit others and that shouldn’t happen.
Community Tenants Union explains in the comments,too : “I think the point is that people shouldn’t have to rent. Creating a market for housing means that people get rich off what should be provided as a basic need. And what people *choose* to rent is oft-times substandard, without a basic licensing system for landlords, or a rigorous system of controls to ensure that rental properties are maintained to a high standard.”


This Native American Chef Is Championing Food Justice in the Most Innovative Way – “Food commodities — like flour, lard and sugar — are whatChef Sean Sherman (popularly known as “The Sioux Chef”), a member of the Oglala Lakota peoples in South Dakota, called “oppression food” in this week’s episode of The Movement.

Sherman advocates for a return to “pre-reservation” indigenous foods used by Native American peoples prior to colonization and displacement from their lands. His activism comes in the form of culinary arts. His protest takes place in the kitchen.

The Minneapolis-based caterer and food educator provides cooking classes, offers speeches and food demonstrations with the purpose of restoring traditional Native American foods and flavors to prominence in Native communities and beyond”
Watch: 8+ minutes . Worth the time.

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[contents: fast food,food accessibility,race,class,veterans,elderly,Boston,income inequality,housing inequality, Angela Davis,Planned Parenthood, birth control,low income women, child poverty,Texas, criminal justice system, foster care system]

    1. McDouble is ‘cheapest and most nutritious food in human history’ –   “The double cheeseburger provides 390 calories, 23 grams of protein – half a daily serving – seven per cent of daily fibre, 19 grams of fat and 20 per cent of daily calcium, all for between $1 and $2”.
      I’m just leaving it at that.

    2. Why Food Belongs in Our Discussions of Race | Civil Eats – I believe I shared this months ago but it showed up on my twitter tl this week and it’s always worth a reshare. I may have to stash it somewhere I can get to it easily for one of those times people ask me why I address racial issues.

    3. After Texas stopped funding Planned Parenthood, low-income women had more babies –  Planned Parenthood gives low income women access to birth control. Birth control prevents pregnancy. How WEIRD that Planned Parenthood losing funds that enabled them to provide birth control didn’t keep women from getting pregnant! I’m shocked.

    4. Progressive Struggles against Insidious Capitalist Individualism: An Interview with Angela Davis… – everything Angela Davis says is worth sharing here

    5. Dolores Westfall, 79: ‘I’m Too Poor To Retire, Too Young To Die’ – I’m not supposed to swear here but this is getting fucking ridiculous

    6. Why Therapists Should Talk Politics -The personal is political. It makes no sense to not include that as therapy.

    7. Poor white kids are less likely to go to prison than rich black kids – STFU if you try to say “it’s not a race issue, it’s a class issue”

    8. Report Finds Sharp Increase in Veterans Denied V.A. Benefits – This is based on 70 years of data.

    9. Boston’s struggle with income segregation – The Boston Globe– “In 1970, just 8 percent of families in Boston and the surrounding cities and towns lived in the poorest neighborhoods. Now, the figure is more than twice as high — 20 percent. Over the same period, the proportion of families living in the wealthiest neighborhoods has nearly tripled, from 6 percent to 16 percent.

      The surge in affluence in some areas and poverty in others has wiped out scores of mixed-income neighborhoods. In 1970, 7 in 10 families lived in these places. Now it’s just 4 in 10.”


    10. Majority of US Public School Students Are In Poverty – for the first time in 50 years, the majority of kids in public school nationwide are considered low income with the highest concentration being in the southern and western states

    11. Broken foster care system may be  contributing to homeless crisis in San Francisco – I’m done. I cant even make it to twelve today


Daily Dozen: 12 Things Pissing Me Off

Kelly at DeBie Hive does this airing of grievances on Tuesdays. I’m always pissed off about something so here are 12 of those things consolidated.



  1. I’ve gotten to know Wendy the Wanderer through blogging here. I adore her. I’m angry for her and what she is put through as a disabled and elderly person.  Her latest post “In a Funk”  is deepening my anger and frustration. I can’t do anything but offer words of support and that feels like bullshit. Sorry. Words are bullshit when people need surgeries and medications and decent living and good food.

  2. North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT nonsense. HB2 does more than prevent transgender people from using restrooms. That’s bad enough and I’d rather pee in a stall next to a transgender woman rather than a transphobic bigot. It also provided no protection for LGBT people from being not hired or fired based on their gender identity or sexual orientation but it also prohibits cities and counties from setting their own wage standards and other policies. And because the bathroom policies violate Title IX, North Carolina will not receive federal funds that their schools pretty much need. So absurd.

  3. People calling for boycotts of North Carolina. NY governor Andrew Cuomo banned all non-essential travel to NC. Like there’s a big snow store there or something. Last I knew, LGBT people actually live in North Carolina and own businesses there, as do people who support LGBT people. Don’t hurt those people by boycotting the whole state. Boycott bigots instead. Get the nonsense repealed. http://equalitync.org/action/repeal_HB2

  4. This election cycle. I’m already fatigued. I’m tired of seeing white liberals explaining to people of color and poor people why they should vote for a certain candidate.  “If you know what’s good for you…” is the most pretentious argument to get me to vote for your fave candidate. Assuming people of color, legal immigrants, and poor people are “low information” voters is wrong. People have their own reasons for who they’re going to vote for. What libs need to focus their attention on is making sure everyone CAN vote. Voter suppression is a thing that still happens in 2016.

  5. Indiana Law Will Force Women To Pay For Fetus Funerals– ok, so it’s not a funeral service but it does require people who have abortions to pay for burial or cremation costs. But wait,there’s more! “HB 1337 would also prohibit women from aborting a fetus due to a diagnosis of any type of disability, including Down’s syndrome. Any doctor caught providing an abortion for this reason would face a wrongful death conviction.” So, legal abortions will be even more expensive and inaccessible to those low income women who need those services the most.

  6. At the convenience store the other day I noticed that they had a basket by the counter with fresh fruit.They usually dont have that there. I was thinking about a recent discussion on the PAF fb page about how food deserts and food inaccessibility for poor people. There were people who were trying to say that poor people can eat fresh produce even if they live in food deserts and have only a convenience store to shop at. Ok. Whatever. You know how much this fresh fruit was? $1 each. $1 per banana, apple,or orange. Figure low income food budgets are $3-4 a day, I don’t think spending $1 on a piece of fruit is accessible. Ugh. These people are utterly ridiculous with their demands on poor people

  7. This homeless group was kicked off a VACANT lot that they’ve gardened on for years now. Link

  8. I don’t want Trump to be one of these 12 things because he makes me ill but maybe my point here is not so much how I hate Trump but how I hate how people never learn what they should from history.
    “November 1919: Hitler’s brownshirts are born at a political rally. Their first function was to remove protestors. “-Michael Oman-Reagan ‏@OmanReagan

  9. Republicans being pouty babies about Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. Ok,not babies. Babies are cute. Pouty grown ass adults. Do your jobs,lazy slackers.
    One of my very fave bands Coheed and Cambria put McConnell’s statement to music. It’s terrible that while mocking him they made his words sound decent.

  10. My ADHD. Ugh. It’s awful lately. I have spent my whole life employing tricks to help me cope and lately it’s becoming harder to manage.

  11. There’s lead in the water in my kids’ school. Not one single kid tested has been positive for lead poisoning . It’s being handled. Kids are drinking from water coolers or bringing water from home. Drinking fountains are all shut off. It’s not a big deal. I am not freaking out. If I hear one more parent here compare our school to Flint, I will probably lose it. It’s nowhere near being Flint. Lordy, people try my patience.

  12. American reaction to bombings in other countries. My step-daughter lives just outside of Brussels so the incident there last week was close to home (she’s fine but very rattled). However, we were just as aware of other bombings and terrorist incidence with greater casualties  and it was so confusing to never see mention of them on our Facebook feeds. No one prays for Iraq,Yemen,Pakistan,Turkey,Nigeria….

Yes, you can still own a car in Alabama if you get food stamps

Today’s daily dozen… 12 things related to SNAP.

  1. Are There Enough SNAP Shoppers in My Community? – This discusses why farmers’ markets may not find it worthwhile to accept EBT. The small town where we used to live had a certain prestige and we were the only family who used SNAP there.

  2. Alabama isn’t going to take cars away from food stamps recipients – Last week it was widely reported that Alabama Republicans introduced a bill that would prohibit people from owning a car if they get SNAP.  I’m not sure why it was reported the way it was but basically, this bill is like Maine’s asset test reinstatement from last fall. Asset test for assistance is a federal policy that most states waive. This reverses that waiver.

  3. The budget from the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), a.k.a. “the people’s budget.” is everything we need – “The CPC budget bulks up funding for food stamps, child nutrition programs, Medicaid, and unemployment insurance, along with housing assistance for low-income families. It indexes Social Security to a more generous cost-of-living measure, so benefits increase more over time. It expands both the earned income tax credit and the child tax credit, which top-off the paychecks for poorer Americans with extra cash. And it appropriates federal funding to create either national-level or state-level programs for paid sick leave and paid family leave.

    Along with replenishing these preexisting welfare programs, it would push non-defense discretionary spending back up to its historical average of 3.5 percent of the economy by 2021, down from the historic lows of 2.3 to 2.4 percent it’s at now. “In the long run [the CPC budget] spends a lot on needed public investments to push back against slowing productivity growth,” Blair said.

    But the CPC budget also contains some genuinely new additions: a public option for ObamaCare’s exchanges, funding to provide preschool for all families, a new program to refinance student debt, and a change to the law to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices with providers. But arguably the biggest addition — in terms of economic impact — is the $1.2 trillion in new infrastructure spending the CPC budget would deploy in its first decade. There’s widespread agreement that at least that much is needed to repair the country’s seaports, roads, bridges, railways and such. And there’s hundreds of billions more needed to update the national infrastructure to make it more green friendly and environmentally sustainable.”

  4. ‘Congrats on Your College Degrees. Here Are Your Food Stamps.’– ugh. Just ugh.

  5. Senators uphold Nebraska food stamp ban for drug felons – Of all the policies that restrict people from getting food stamps, this one always makes me so angry. Felony convictions up the odds of living in poverty after release and then we take away the safety net. It’s ridiculous. I hope Sen Morfeld reintroduces the proposal.

  6. 9000+ Arkansans Losing SNAP at End of Month, Pantries Prepare to Serve More – this is the result of Arkansas reinstating work requirements

  7. Arkansas is looking at restricting certain foods from being purchased– That link goes to a misleading headline that makes it sound like a study was done that shows SNAP recipients buy junk food and “luxury” foods. What’s actually happening is an interim study was requested to look at how people spend SNAP money.

  8. House Agriculture Committee Questions USDA over Proposed SNAP Rule – Basically, those new proposed rules I talked about last week is what they’re asking questions about. Are these new requirements going to deter retailers from accepting SNAP?

  9. Tampons Shouldn’t Be Tax Free. They Should Be Covered by Food Stamps and Medicaid. – yes. yes, yes.

  10. Thousands of Unemployed Missouri Residents Will Soon Lose Their Food Stamp Benefits – same story as Arkansas

  11. Rules for SNAP benefits tightening in Maryland – same. Changes start April 1

  12. Proven at last: Want to raise a sneer? Buy organic while poor. – Oh,hell yes.

Daily Dozen: CEO wants to replace workers with robots so he doesn’t have to pay fair wages and other stuff to make you shake your fist

Contents today: Basic income, gender pay gap,prison system,capitalist CEO jerkfaces, domestic violence & bad relationships, the rent is too damn high

  1. Study Shows That Pay Drops Universally in Male-Dominated Fields When Women Join En Masse -relevant to my family, my twin daughters are both in college majoring in male dominated fields. So it’s been a concern (of mine…not theirs) that breaking into these fields is going to be difficult (although one of my daughters is doing a double major in education so she’ll have the option to be a teacher anyway) and of course, wage gap in these male dominated fields is an issue but now you’re going to tell me even if the field opens up and more women are employed there, the pay will drop anyway? Excellent.

  2. Formerly Incarcerated Moms Fight for Reforms to Save Families – There are 4 policies that need to be fought for to help families w/ formerly incarcerated parents, especially mothers. 2/3 of women in prison have children under 18 and even a short sentence can have long term effects that impact their children into adulthood.

  3. Why dental care should be included in the public health system – As I’ve mentioned before when talking about my own dental issues , I will never understand why dental care is not considered part of primary healthcare. It makes no damn sense.

  4. Stephen Hawking Says We Should Really Be Scared Of Capitalism, Not Robots – He said this back in October but I’m still catching up after my technological deficit. What he’s saying is basically one of my main arguments of why we need basic income.  As services and production becomes more automated, unemployment will increase and there needs to be a system to meet the basic needs of everyone. Machine owners who make a lot of money from their automation should be taxed heavily to contribute to this economic system. Which brings us to #4….

  5. This Fast Food CEO Wants to Replace Workers With Robots – The CEO of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr (wait…is it really Carl’s Jr and not Carl Jr’s? ) LOVES capitalism so much he should marry it. Really, I read some of his writings and speeches. It’s fascinating. Anyway, he’s mad about minimum wage increases so the way he’ll fix it is to just fire everyone and automate everything.

  6. Automation may mean a post-work society but we shouldn’t be afraid– like I said

  7. As Rental Prices Rise, Women Stay In Bad Relationships to Survive | Broadly – not surprising to anyone familiar with how strongly domestic violence and poverty are tied together.

  8. Poor offenders pay high price when probation turns into profit
    Media preview

  9. Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit– Yes,for the love of Taxmas

  10. The Eviction Economy– I actually have too much to say about this that I can’t figure out where to start. It’s too familiar. Housing is always unstable for me.

  11. “Signs the economy is bad, March 18, 2016 edition”– all the links I missed

  12. Me,too.

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