Poor as Folk

Poor folk things. Eating,living,fighting.

Support Fundraisers

If you have some extra dollars, please consider donating to one of these individuals seeking financial support.

Patrea needs money for necessary medications and rent to keep her and family from being evicted

 ♥ Transgender man needs top surgery      Yay, he got his top surgery!

♥  Youth justice camp in NY state needs to pay their mortgage

♥Rell is a  1st Gen College Student  who  needs help paying for graduate school  – Location: London

♥Cheryl is a single mom of 6, including kids in college, who needs to kick cancer’s ass

♥Jude needs top surgery for both mental & physical well being. – (almost there!) Location: Italy

♥Kim Crawley wrote about Gamer Gate and lost her job. Please help her and her husband w/ living expenses while unemployed  Location: Toronto

♥Lauren was born addicted to drugs and is now a Social Worker, Heath Educator, and Sexologist. She needs technical support while writing her memoir  LocationL: Hatfield,PA

♥Cecil wants to start a food truck business (and by the looks of that food, the East coast needs a food truck like that in it)  Location: Charlotte, NC

♥Little Carter has two rare congenital conditions and the family needs support with medical bills and every day cost of living Location: Iowa City,IA

♥Adah’s mom had undetected thyroid cancer while pregnant for her. As a result, Adah’s teeth have very little enamel and are crumbling. She’s 21 months and needs dental surgery Location: Scottsville, KY

Vikki has been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s auto immune disease as well as low factor Rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome and newly with Reynaud’s syndrome. She needs money for treatment that insurance won’t cover. Plus, she’s living in housing w/ mold & termites (which exacerbates her health problems) but can’t afford to move. Location: North Fort Myers,Florida

Doni has lost her disability due to a doctor not filling out necessary paperwork. A new doctor has but she now has to wait to receive disability again and needs funds to keep rent and bills paid. Location: Roanoke, VA

Planting Justice improves access to healthy food in a food desert, helps residents achieve food sovereignty, and provides living wage job opportunities to formerly incarcerated people. Location:Bay area, CA

♥ Danny is a disabled , transgender, LGBT & Black activist/student who needs to raise money to avoid eviction. He almost has enough! Hopefully we can get him to his goal today.

Location: London, England





2 thoughts on “Support Fundraisers

  1. Here’s a great one: http://www.friendsofcln.org/mission/ The Friends of Camp Little Notch is dedicated to providing outdoor opportunities & social consciousness raising for all regardless of ability to pay – but they need to pay their mortgage to continue offering program on this amazing Adirondack property. Thanks!

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