Support PAF Businesses

A directory of online businesses owned by low income people. If you’re low income and own a business, please let me know and I’ll happily add you.

◊  The Artful Word – The Artful Word takes a favorite poem, quote, blessing or excerpt or even just a name and turns it into art for your wall or into the perfect gift.

Drops of Jupiter Astrology Services -Compassionate, intuitive astrologer with 25 years experience providing help with life’s problems

◊ Witchcrafts– Gently used and vintage clothing, rescued & reclaimed textiles, ephemera and other non-vintage post-consumer goods for upcycling & recycling, mixed-media art and eco-friendly creating.

Elaine Nadalin, freelance writer and sets up social media and webpages for small business. Service include social media account set-up and activation and WordPress website set-up. Very willing to work with home-based low income workers to help get their businesses online. Email:

One thought on “Support PAF Businesses

  1. Hello – I tried to contact “Drops of Jupiter Astrology” above by clicking on the link provided. That leads directly to a facebook page that does give any options for requesting a reading, or making any sort of direct contact. I can’t imagine she is getting much business that way.

    Also, although I could see the facebook page, I didn’t sign in because I no longer use facebook (I have received a virus or ‘worm’ directly through the use of facebook, as have many people) I advise that individual to adopt another method for allowing people to contact her.

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