John Oliver on Income Inequality & The Wealth Gap

John Oliver nails it here. He starts off with clips of Obama saying that income inequality will be a top priority and showing how quickly that topic was pushed under the rug thanks to all the rich bastards who cried out that this was the start of class warfare. So, nope… we don’t get to…

Being a Poor Woman In America

I’m unashamedly letting info-graphics do my post for me today. I fall into the category of being one of these women. They can speak for me without needed me to add words. [via 18 Facts About Women and Poverty in the United States] Re-blogged from my other blog.

‘What is riskier than living poor in America?’

I’m not certain but I believe this clip of Melissa Harris-Perry passionately asking her panel of guests, “What is riskier than living  poor in America?” is what made me develop a crazy brain crush on her. This happened one year ago:   watch the full segment here  

The War on Poverty…the war on the hungry (and other recent news bits)

Poverty in the news . One Wisconsin food stamp bill signed while a second remains stalled – That junk food bill Scott Walker introduced is flawed and therefore, faltering. with the new proposal that prohibits more than 15% of groceries brought with EBT from being spent on “unhealthy” food, there are far too many limitations on what can…

The Reasons Poor People Might Not Eat Healthy

I see  a lot of discussions regarding the topic of people living on food stamps/ poor people and “Why can’t they just eat right?” and talks about not letting people buy “junk food” with SNAP.  There are a lot of things your average American who has never lived in poverty don’t consider. People largely seem…