“May we flourish despite the wishes of our oppressors. Happy New Year. ’17. RESIST!”

[image: ink drawing of dove on olive branch with a banner that reads “May we flourish despite the wishes of our oppressors. Happy New Year. ’17. Resist!” ]
art by Shivana Sookdeo 


I hear the sighs of relief that 2016 has gasped it’s last breath. I’m here to be the killjoy. There’s no reason to believe that 2017 isn’t going to be an even bigger dumpster fire. Hopefully we can keep some favorite celebrities but you know, a lot of those famous people are up there in age and the natural end stage of aging is death. Good people will die. Maybe even Betty White or Tim Curry. If 2017 decides to suck on an epic scale, it’ll be George R.R. Martin.
We can only hope 2017’s body count is low , both in respect to famous people and unarmed black men.
2017 begins the idiokleptokakistocracy of Donald Trump. That’s terrible on it’s own but to me the biggest threat is that Paul Ryan and Mike Pence are in perfect position to fuck shit up and I have no doubt they will try. When asked about his hopes and resolutions for the new year, Samuel Beckett once replied by telegram, “resolutions colon zero stop period hopes colon zero stop beckett” . That could easily be me but I’m not going to let it. Nah.
2017 Resolution: RESIST
2017 Hopes: Obi-Wan Kenobi? And also that we don’t all die in a global nuclear dumpster fire. 
Here’s to resistance in 2017. We have a lot of it to do.
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This is a fascinating lost interview from 1979 with Ronald Reagan , 18 months before he was elected President. I think listening to this helps me understand why my Grandfather  (grew up poor during that same era) loved Reagan so much. It’s interesting to hear him discuss the way the political parties had shifted at that point. Much talk of bootstraps. He says the way to help poor people is that poor people have to “get over” being poor like it’s a mindset and not an economic situation.