Actions for 12/06/16

I’m behind on keeping track of the develops in the Trump cabinet and such. Or I should say, I’m keeping track but keep forgetting to update here. After it was announced that my own local Congressman Tom Reed accepted the role as vice president of Trump’s transition team, I flipped some tables and took a slight break.

This may not seem odd to anyone else but I found it hella creepy that his acceptance speech is all “we” not “I”.   I suspect this man may be human- Gollum.

I have made it now to the acceptance phase of the stages of grief. I accept that this presidency is really happening . I also accept that I may have to spend the next four years in a near constant state of rage fueled vigilance. Fine. Bring it.

And to be clear, there was work to be done w/ Democrats running the show. There has been the past eight years. Now there’s just more work and a harder fight. I will resume with the regular poor as folk stuff here as normal but it’s quite obvious that the need for actions and activism will have to be ongoing. I’ll keep posting the ideas, you keep being awesome and do whatever you personally can to get shit done.

I’m also keeping this post updated frequently: Resources, Info, and Tips for Activism Right Now.
I’ll probably post new actions & such in their own post ,then move it to that link to serve as a master list. You can also find the individual posts easily through the Activism & Advocacy category.

Ok. Ready? Here’s some things you can be doing this week and onward:

  • write a letter to the editor , either to your local papers or a national one. You can address the general concerns of a Trump presidency and his cabinet or make it specific with the bottom line urging others who feel the same to take action as well.  It doesn’t have to be long. From my experience, if it’s too long, it might not get space.


  • This is from the Resist newsletter: “Tip submitted by a helpful reader!  Our president-elect is going on a grotesque, Hitlerian “victory tour,” in which he will elucidate his scattershot, xenophobic philosophy to an ecstatic crowd… or will he? Cincinnati’s event was only 2/3 full. You can register for upcoming events for free here:  You can reserve multiple tickets with no plans to attend! Let’s fill the stadiums with phantoms, instead of warm, grotesquely racist bodies.”
  • The Republican Jewish Coalition is supporting Steve Bannon’s appointment. Thanks to #FightTrump for this info.
    1. Call the RJC at (202) 638-6688
    2. Here’s a draft script you can use- we highly recommend that if you are Jewish and/or have ever been a registered Republican, you include personal reasons why you believe the RJC should oppose Bannon.

    Hi, thanks for answering! My name is _____ and I’m calling because I was disappointed to see that the Republican Jewish Coalition has not opposed Steven Bannon as a White House senior counselor. I know the RJC is a strong defender of Jewish Americans and the Jewish tradition of opposing injustice. It is shocking to me that the RJC would support a man who has directly financially profited from anti-semitism and white nationalism. These ideologies pose a serious threat to Jewish Americans – and all Americans. [If you are a Republican or Jewish mention that here – tell them that the RJC’s stance will affect your willingness to give to the organization and your willingness to vote for Republicans]. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • There is currently no way to track hate crimes (except in NY). A new bill was just introduced to establish a hate crime hotline . Not only would a hotline ensure a safe way for victims to seek justice but it also would give real data on hate crimes and in my mind, you can’t fight hate without seeing the whole scope of what’s happening.
    You can call the following to express support for this bill:
    • The House Judiciary Committee
    (202) 225-3951
    • Bob Goodlatte (VA R, chairman)
    (202) 225-5431(540) 432-2391
    • John Conyers Jr. (MI D, ranking member)
    (202) 225-5126(313) 961-5670
    • The White House
    (202) 456-1111
    •  Judiciary Committee members from your state (click on their name to find their phone number)
  • Read up. Social Justice Work During the Trump Era Syllabus is a great reading list.




ICYMI Post-Election News: Weekend Edition for Nov 19 & 20

People want to be informed about what’s happening w/ the president-elect but they may not have time to follow all the news or for their own self-care, are limiting their exposure to social media right now. These ICYMI updates will be basic bullet points of the daily happenings with call to actions. I will generally just post the news  without my own commentary. I will include essays and thoughts from around the web after the news portion to give perspectives from marginalized folks.


Weekend of November 19- 20

Action Alerts 

This week is a short week due to Thanksgiving break so calls should be made ASAP.

  • New Yorkers! Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s office is taking a concerned citizens’ tally so she can use it on the floor against Bannon. CALL. You can call any of her offices throughout the state, no matter where you live so if you get a busy signal on one just go down this list of numbers till you get through:
    Hudson Valley: (845) 875-4585
    Albany: (518) 431-0120
    Buffalo: (716) 854-9725
    Long Island: (631) 249-2825
    New York City: (212) 688-6262
    North Country: (315) 376-6118
    Rochester: (585) 263-6250
    Syracuse: (315) 448-0470*My note* One of her offices said that she is NOT doing any such tally and I didn’t get a clear clarification yet but either way, you can still call to voice concern about Bannon
  • Call your Congressman and state reps to voice concern about Bannon as Chief Stategist , Jeff Sessions as Attorney General,and whatever other appointments are objectionable to you.
  • Call the House Oversight Committee. Rep. Elijah Cummings is calling for a bipartisan review of the financial arrangements Trump has made for his businesses to ensure there’s no conflict of interest. 202-225-5074 & can also call Chaffetz directly, (801) 851-2500.
    If it’s easier for you, you can use a script like this:
    “I’m —- —– , a constituent calling to let the committee know that I support Rep. Elijah Cummings’s call for a bipartisan review of Trump’s “financial arrangements” for potential conflicts of interest before he’s sworn in as president. Please ask Chairman Chaffetz to immediately begin conducting a review to ensure that President-elect Trump does not have any actual or perceived conflicts of interests. I want the Committee to make sure Trump and his advisers comply with all legal and regulatory ethical requirements.”
  • Speaker Paul Ryan has a survey about ACA. It was closed last week but reopened at a new number. This one is super easy. No talking involved, just press the number after the prompt. Also, when you call, there’s no sign that it’s connecting. The line is silent. You just have to hang on for a moment or two to wait for the voice recording. The new number is  Call (202) 225 – 3031. You can also leave a voice mail if you choose
  • This Twitter list is every rep who tweets. If you’re not familiar with Twitter lists, it’s a separate timeline of tweets just from specific users added to that list. While tweeting back at these reps isn’t effective, it’s been helpful for me to check in to get an idea of where certain reps are at.
  • If possible, support your local abortion fund.


Free legal help for transgender people


Other reads

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I’ve been seeing this Dylan Thomas quote shared a lot during the past week. The poem is about death but it’s nice how it fits to resistance of other things as well.
(My 1st born is named after Dylan Thomas, so it does give me some warm & fuzzies)


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