The bounty of tomatoes and pumpkins coming out of the garden makes it easier to not stay mad at everything. Today’s tomato harvest was 2 colanders worth (scientific measurement) . It’s been hard for me to give everything a measurement and value like I intended . Maybe with the tomatoes I’ll measure by the product I end up canning, whether it be sauce or salsa or whole tomatoes. I would say pumpkins the size of these would be about $4-5 each around here. This bunch will be canned.

It’s 3p.m. as I’m writing this. No word yet on the car. Our food pantry is this evening so if we don’t get the car back within the next couple of hours, we’ll miss that. It’s the last one of the month so that will be a bummer.

We also have a school event tomorrow for one kid that he really wanted us to go to. We’ll cross our fingers and everything else that we at least get the car back tomorrow so we can make that. We missed out on a lot of school events during the time we were a car-free family. I try to make it to everything now if it’s at all possible.

This thing tomorrow evening is also a dish to pass (side dish or dessert). I predict whatever I end up making will have either tomatoes or pumpkins. I’m glad I have them to work with. Something else that has stopped me from going to things like potlucks in the past was truly not being able to take anything. Add that to the list of “The Many Ways Being Poor Can Make You Feel Like Crap”.






grocery shopping



View from inside our no-longer-dead car, on the way to the grocery store

YES, we have our old wheels back. It was a simple fix (but may be temporary). The uhaul we rented ended up being $260-ish. It was less expensive than a car rental still and if we hadn’t rented it, the husbeast would have missed  days of work. So, it was more than we could afford but we couldn’t afford not to. I hate making stupid decisions like that.
Yep, rent is late.

Yesterday was our SNAP day,too. We spent $157 of our $221. Hopefully I can make a lot of it stretch. I predict lots of creative pantry anarchy happening this month.

After putting the store-groceries away, I pulled these out of the garden.img_0395 Grocery gardening is the best.

We’re still dealing with a drought here. The USDA declared our county a natural disaster due to crop loss on farms here. Needless to say, gardening was hard,too.I have a lot of tomatoes but they’ve taken forever to ripen. This is the 1st decent bunch. I’ve harvested 8 pumpkins already,though. Things are a little backwards out there in the garden.



mercury retrograde


I wish I had more Freddie than retrograde this time around.

For anyone unfamiliar with what Mercury retrograde is:
It’s astrology stuff. Probably nonsense but always seems to hold true for me, or maybe I’m just prone to shitastic events. A few times a year, Mercury appears to be moving backwards. Mercury rules over communication and things that involve planning,codes,travel,documents,getting places, getting shit done. Since Mercury is mixed up, these things get all scrambled ,too.

Mercury in retrograde has me googling this morning, “How much does a clutch repair at mechanics cost? “and “Are there any car rental places that don’t require a credit check?”

The answers are “too much” and “no way”.

The good news is we drove the car 78 miles with no clutch and didn’t die. Before the clutch decided it was done with life, we managed to finish back to school shopping and had a little visit with daughter at college (and delivered all the things she had forgotten to pack,including her phone. Related sidenote: ADHD is genetically inherited. Sorry,kids.). We managed to make it to my Mom’s house where we ditched the car and she gave us a ride and our stuff the other 30 miles back home.

My husbeast had to work today and fortunately the bus worked perfectly for his schedule today. Tomorrow (Sunday) there is no bus and he has to be to work at 7a.m. so he’s actually thinking of sleeping in the break room tonight or just getting up super early so he can start walking the 12 miles to work (and hope someone picks him up).

It’s amazing that we lived without a car for 14-ish years and I had already forgotten how much it sucks.
At least before we lived within walking distance to basic stuff and it wasn’t as bad. Rural living with no car=no fun.


More Freddie. Less retrograde from here until Sept 22nd, please.