Thank the gods for consignment shops

via I Need A Clever Title For This… 

I have no idea what show this is from but it’s so on point.
I was pretty sure this was going to be me this week. I paid the rent, which left us with about $40 for bus fare and those other pesky things we need until the 8th…and food stamps aren’t issued on our card until the 9th.Sometimes, I get REALLY excited about those 58 cents positive balances.

BUT then I got a check in the mail yesterday for things I sold at a local consignment thrift shop! $108 for the past 2 months of things I sold there. NOT BAD for just clothing my kids have outgrown. If there’s a consignment shop around you, check it out. The one I consign to allows no limit on how much you consign if you do your own pricing & tagging and they pay out 40%  if your item sells.

So,whew. There’s more than 58 cents in the account. This week, anyway.