Links: What I’ve been reading

This has been the reading I’ve done lately that keeps me from finishing the actual books I’m reading   This list is all pre-Trump’s travel/immigration ban.

How I Stopped Worrying About Riots and Began Loving Anti-Fascist Rage

The Long History of Nazi- Punching

When You Brag That the Women’s Marches Were Nonviolent

The Future of the Left is Female

What Standing Rock Meant for Those Who Took Part, and What Comes Next

This Is How You Own a Politician

Why Do We Accept Villainy From Real-Life Humans That We Don’t Accept From Pop Culture?

A Few Notes on Gaslighting

Meet Wendy Carriloo, a Former Undocumented Immigrant, Running for Congress to Fight Trump

10 Stories We Love About Women and Food — Weekend Reading

The Man Who Sleeps in Hitler’s Bed