No Food Wasted:  Half a cabbage+kidney beans+leftover tomato soup = ….

This was what I worked with for dinner last night:

  • 1/2 head of cabbage
  • A cup or so of kidney beans . I got a huge can of kidney beans in the dented can bin for cheap. Half went into a pasta salad the night before
  • Leftover canned tomato soup we had at lunch . About 1/2 cup 
  • A very sad looking tomato in the fridge

I also used from the pantry:

  • 1 onion
  • A few cloves of garlic
  • Cooking oil
  • Salt
  • Curry powder 

One of my family’s favorites is fried cabbage. This is just a twist in that. First – I sautéed garlic and onion in cooking oil. I added a little bit more oil and tossed in coursely chopped cabbage. I like to let it cook until the onions are  caramelized and cabbage tender and slightly browned.

cabbage & onions
Then I added the beans , chopped tomato, & tomato soup and  seasoned with salt & curry . Let cook until everything is heated through and that was that.  

 You can use any seasoning you have on hand and it would be just as awesome. I just happened to be in the mood for curry that evening.

I served it with rice but my daughter ate it without happily . I think she’s sick of rice. 

No Food Wasted: Leftover Pasta, sausage, and Mac -n-cheese= pierogie casserole 

We had pasta with sauce one evening . I serve pasta and sauces separately , letting each person add what they want to their pasta. I have one kid who can’t eat tomatoes (and other acidic foods) and another who just like butter and cheese. This just works better for us. So, anyway- from that dinner, I had leftover cooked pasta but no leftover sauce.

The following day for lunch, my boys ate boxed mac and cheese (thank you, Backpack Program). There was only about a cup left.

The next day, I combined the pasta & Mac -n-Cheese in a rectangular baking dish. I added a splash of milk & a handful of shredded cheese. I found one lonely sausage in the fridge that I sliced up and added (my vegetarian daughters are at college).

My daughter made a pot of mashed potatoes . We spooned that on top of the pasta mess. Sprinkled with more cheese. Baked until the cheese melted and pasta was heated through. Presto, Pierogie Casserole. 

It was better than it looks here. 


Let this pic serve as your weekly reminder that you aren’t here for food photography. 

Lunchtime Links: Using up potato water and cabbge (2 separate things),making rice cool,and more.

A round-up of today’s food related things…

Ohhh,man…. Chilli Cheese Tater Tots. I probably would use beans instead of the beef.

border 2


Use it Up: Potato Water – How to recycle the water you boiled taters in…use it for other food or water your plants with it.

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How do I make rice more interesting? – This is a reader-submitted question over at The Kitchn but I’m asked this a lot ,too. The editor has some good suggestions but the comments sections is full of ideas. Yes, I’m telling you to read the comments. Might be the only time I ever do that…

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You know how I’m always complaining about the repetitive budget shopping tips lists (that often have some WTF Tips,ya know?) …and “budget meals” that are like my whole budget for a week?  Next-Level Tips for Saving Money on Your Grocery Bill
atire,my friends.
(And yes, I still DO advocate foraging and freeganism…. like, if you’re not trespassing or going to get arrested for it. Poor people can’t afford none of that nonsense)

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 28 Recipes to Celebrate Spring – Spring! I am so excited. The best thing about cooking w/ seasonal ingredients is that they are often less expensive when in season.

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I still have some cabbage to use up from that whole Corned Beef & Cabbage affair. Might try the cabbage salad idea ~here~


ICYMI- Recipe & Food Round-Up: Using powdered milk,preserving lemons, gluten-free crockpot recipes and more

Because some people like their food & politics separate (as if there is such a thing!) , from now on the weekly wrap-ups will be one for food and one for the other stuff *insert smiley face here*
(I’m trying to use less emoticons in the New Year)

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How to Eat on a Beans-and-Rice Budget when Your Husband Hates Beans – Bean Hater Husband in my house,too. I’m sure he’ll be ok but I do try to make some adjustments for himBeans-and-Rice-Budget

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A Life Beyond Money: How to Avoid Produce Waste -just some tips.

Homemade Pop Tarts from Once A Month Mom |  – Hey, I love pop tarts…I just don’t like all the preservatives & crap in them. I would probably use homemade pie crust for these (it’s not hard. i swear)
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