Daily Dozen: 12 Things Pissing Me Off

Kelly at DeBie Hive does this airing of grievances on Tuesdays. I’m always pissed off about something so here are 12 of those things consolidated.



  1. I’ve gotten to know Wendy the Wanderer through blogging here. I adore her. I’m angry for her and what she is put through as a disabled and elderly person.  Her latest post “In a Funk”  is deepening my anger and frustration. I can’t do anything but offer words of support and that feels like bullshit. Sorry. Words are bullshit when people need surgeries and medications and decent living and good food.

  2. North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT nonsense. HB2 does more than prevent transgender people from using restrooms. That’s bad enough and I’d rather pee in a stall next to a transgender woman rather than a transphobic bigot. It also provided no protection for LGBT people from being not hired or fired based on their gender identity or sexual orientation but it also prohibits cities and counties from setting their own wage standards and other policies. And because the bathroom policies violate Title IX, North Carolina will not receive federal funds that their schools pretty much need. So absurd.

  3. People calling for boycotts of North Carolina. NY governor Andrew Cuomo banned all non-essential travel to NC. Like there’s a big snow store there or something. Last I knew, LGBT people actually live in North Carolina and own businesses there, as do people who support LGBT people. Don’t hurt those people by boycotting the whole state. Boycott bigots instead. Get the nonsense repealed. http://equalitync.org/action/repeal_HB2

  4. This election cycle. I’m already fatigued. I’m tired of seeing white liberals explaining to people of color and poor people why they should vote for a certain candidate.  “If you know what’s good for you…” is the most pretentious argument to get me to vote for your fave candidate. Assuming people of color, legal immigrants, and poor people are “low information” voters is wrong. People have their own reasons for who they’re going to vote for. What libs need to focus their attention on is making sure everyone CAN vote. Voter suppression is a thing that still happens in 2016.

  5. Indiana Law Will Force Women To Pay For Fetus Funerals– ok, so it’s not a funeral service but it does require people who have abortions to pay for burial or cremation costs. But wait,there’s more! “HB 1337 would also prohibit women from aborting a fetus due to a diagnosis of any type of disability, including Down’s syndrome. Any doctor caught providing an abortion for this reason would face a wrongful death conviction.” So, legal abortions will be even more expensive and inaccessible to those low income women who need those services the most.

  6. At the convenience store the other day I noticed that they had a basket by the counter with fresh fruit.They usually dont have that there. I was thinking about a recent discussion on the PAF fb page about how food deserts and food inaccessibility for poor people. There were people who were trying to say that poor people can eat fresh produce even if they live in food deserts and have only a convenience store to shop at. Ok. Whatever. You know how much this fresh fruit was? $1 each. $1 per banana, apple,or orange. Figure low income food budgets are $3-4 a day, I don’t think spending $1 on a piece of fruit is accessible. Ugh. These people are utterly ridiculous with their demands on poor people

  7. This homeless group was kicked off a VACANT lot that they’ve gardened on for years now. Link

  8. I don’t want Trump to be one of these 12 things because he makes me ill but maybe my point here is not so much how I hate Trump but how I hate how people never learn what they should from history.
    “November 1919: Hitler’s brownshirts are born at a political rally. Their first function was to remove protestors. “-Michael Oman-Reagan ‏@OmanReagan

  9. Republicans being pouty babies about Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. Ok,not babies. Babies are cute. Pouty grown ass adults. Do your jobs,lazy slackers.
    One of my very fave bands Coheed and Cambria put McConnell’s statement to music. It’s terrible that while mocking him they made his words sound decent.

  10. My ADHD. Ugh. It’s awful lately. I have spent my whole life employing tricks to help me cope and lately it’s becoming harder to manage.

  11. There’s lead in the water in my kids’ school. Not one single kid tested has been positive for lead poisoning . It’s being handled. Kids are drinking from water coolers or bringing water from home. Drinking fountains are all shut off. It’s not a big deal. I am not freaking out. If I hear one more parent here compare our school to Flint, I will probably lose it. It’s nowhere near being Flint. Lordy, people try my patience.

  12. American reaction to bombings in other countries. My step-daughter lives just outside of Brussels so the incident there last week was close to home (she’s fine but very rattled). However, we were just as aware of other bombings and terrorist incidence with greater casualties  and it was so confusing to never see mention of them on our Facebook feeds. No one prays for Iraq,Yemen,Pakistan,Turkey,Nigeria….