Ithaca Mayor Myrick talks living wage, poverty on MSNBC and fast food workers strike globally

My local Mayor Svante Myrick was on MSNBC the other day talking  to Ronan Farrow about Ithaca’s Living Wage. The city minimum wage is now $12.62/hr.

Couldn’t embed the video in this post but watch it at the link. Myrick seemed to get a little emotional when asked about his Mom & her feelings about the new living wage.
Link : Why the minimum wage is a poverty wage

Related on the blogosphere. Rick Cooley has a piece on making minimum wage a living wage|…

Today, fast food workers protested poverty wages globally. Lots of updates and articles at the #fastfoodglobal ←link on Twitter.

Protest at , Whitehall, Central London as part of

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via Rep. Schakowsky says, “we as taxpayers are subsidizing McDonald’s poverty wages!!” That isn’t right!

Media preview

Even as a manager at a Charleston @mcdonald‘s, Shenee STILL only makes $7.25/hr. 

Relevant song to add to the PAF Soundtrack today…

Why’s the rich man busy dancing
While the poor man pays the band
Oh, they’re billing me for killing me
Lord, have mercy on the working man.

Hey, St. Peter, look down for a minute
And see this little man about to drown
There’s quicksand all around and man I’m in it
Please help me up Lord, ’cause I’m going down.

Today’s Reads:”Why does McDonald’s need four years to bring their workers out of poverty?”

This is actually a few days worth of reads. The screen on my laptop broke ,so it’s away being fixed (yay, warranty). So, I’ve had to share The Family Computer. Cross your fingers my laptop comes back to me quickly.

via 18mr:

“Why does McDonald’s need four years to bring their workers out of poverty?”

Things I love about Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant’s take on the $15 minimum wage plan announced by the mayor:

  1. She starts by crediting people around the country who have been organizing for $15/hr.
  2. She points out structural issues with the way the Mayor’s plan was developed and announced.
  3. She raises serious questions about the extended timeline.
  4. She points out that she led a process to develop a plan that was never voted on.

Kshama Sawant is kind of my hero right now.

Listen to the interview.




via kateoplis:

Adjuncts Professors make up 76.4% of all US faculty, and the majority live below the poverty line.

Mary-Faith Cerasoli, above, is “sleeping in her car, showering at college athletic centers and applying for food stamps.”

“They call us professors, but they’re paying us at poverty levels…I just want to make a living from a skill I’ve spent 30 years developing.”

“Students aren’t getting what they pay for or, if they are, it is because adjuncts themselves are subsidizing their education.

The Adjunct Revolt | Atlantic



One of my fave things about Saturdays on Twitter is #SaturdaySchool.

FunkNBeans put together The League of Hashtag Heroes: A Social Justice Hashtags Collection. Make fun of hashtags all you want but when you’re using social media to share ideas and expand your activism, good hashtags are essential.

How Home Ownership Keeps Blacks Poorer Than Whites

(via boygeorgemichaelbluth)


“50% of African-American children born in Mississippi grow up in poverty as opposed to 16% of white children”


US interests are best served when people around the world don’t go hungry.


Immigration Reform Is Partly About How Much Poverty to Welcome


(Source: radio-inactive)



ICYMI: The real welfare queens aren’t single mothers, poverty is making people…sick? (NO KIDDING!), gender equality is a myth & a bunch more.

Yuppies Watching Documentaries– The gist of it: these people watched A Place at the Table and were motivated to help so they founded Groceryships, an organization that gets groceries to people who need them.

How a Chicago Mom Liberated a Foreclosed Home and Got Her Four Kids Off the Streets -“Evicted from her childhood home when Cabrini Green public housing was demolished, Martha Biggs was evicted again from rental apartments that were in foreclosure. Over years of homelessness—moving around, staying in shelters, with relatives, and in her van—Biggs raised four children, sent them to school, worked to support them, and struggled to keep her family together.”
It’s a long read but a good one.

Single Mothers Are Not America’s Real Welfare Queens-“The attacks on single mothers are about peddling a paranoid fantasy to conservative audiences in order to keep them from thinking in any depth about the role that taxation and spending play in our nation’s economic wellbeing. As long as Fox News audiences are sitting around boiling with anger at imaginary women who supposedly rejected the traditional role of a housewife to be a sexually rebellious single mother living on the government dime, they aren’t thinking about how devastating to this country it really would be if we started slashing social spending so that our already outrageously wealthy elites could be even wealthier.”

1 in 3 women are living in poverty or on the brink of it.
From The Shriver Report

1 in 5.
That’s stupid.
Snagged this from  Bernie Sanders

The original, “They got money for wars but they can’t feed the poor.”

Poverty Is Literally Making People Sick Because They Can’t Afford Food -Doctors say that poverty is making poor people sick.
Exactly what poor people have tried telling everyone for ages.

Gender Equality Is a Myth By Beyoncé Knowles-Carter – Beyoncé Knowles-Carter wrote about equality in the workforce.
Thus, my fandom deepens. I’ve been reading all the essays in The Shriver Report though…all great words.

What Are You Doing To A Man When You Call Him A Good Provider? -The Man Box and how it fits into economic gender roles is always worth thinking about.

I can’t imagine how supporters of all those shenanigans can justify the outcome.
via Zombie Capitalism

“Why don’t they just get a job like the rest of us?” -Breaking down what unemployment looks like for people living in poverty.

Unpromising Promise Zones -“When it comes to reducing overall poverty, the solution is really very simple. You need to produce enough stuff and you need to make sure it is distributed a certain way. Countries that produce very little stuff will make larger strides on poverty by producing more of it. Countries that produce a lot of stuff will make larger strides on poverty by making sure the stuff is distributed effectively. The U.S. produces a lot of stuff.

So when you look at this list, the question to ask yourself is how will each item change the overall distribution of income in society?”

Why Getting A Job Doesn’t Mean Getting Out Of Poverty-Nope, it doesn’t.

In Appalachia, Poverty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder-“I just ask when you portray us, please don’t portray us as ignorant hill folk, I guess,” Harless said. “Because we are educated. We’re poor, but we’re educated, and everyone’s pretty proud. It’s not a desolate place where no hope can be found.”

Economist Statement on the Federal Minimum Wage– Economists explain why raising minimum wage is a no-brainer.

Colbert nailing hypocrisy of the Christians who want a Christian nation but don’t give a fig about what Jesus said to do. Via Cognitive Dissonance

check out this new page on Facebook :  American Warrior Community Resources .



▶ Largest Fast Food Strike Ever in U.S. | Resistance Report segment

▶ Largest Fast Food Strike Ever in U.S. | Resistance Report segment | Acronym TV – YouTube

As Salon first reported, the fast food effort went public last November, with a strike by about 200 employees of various chains in New York City. Over the past four months, that walkout has been followed by similar work stoppages in five other cities, and a second New York City strike roughly twice as large. Each of those strikes has been backed by the Service Employees International Union and local allies, and each has shared the same demands: a raise to $15 per hour, and the chance to form a union with intimidation by management. This week’s strikes will include five of those six cities — New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, and Milwaukee- and two new ones: Kansas City and Flint, Mich. (A spokesperson for the campaign in Seattle, where workers struck in May, told Salon to expect “a series of escalating direct actions” there this week.)
“I might be doing the work of three people” due to under-staffing, McDonald’s employee Kareem Starks told me after Wednesday’s rally, “but still getting paid one wage.” Starks, a 30-year-old former Parks Department employee, said it’s “been hard trying to live off the minimum wage, $7.25, and support my two kids plus pay rent.” As we spoke, a fellow fast food worker walked over to introduce himself, congratulate Starks on the speech he’d just delivered, and show him a scar on his arm. “I got burned too myself,” he told Starks. “But my manager doesn’t care.”

Read more of Josh Eidelson’s report here…

What Money Does To People

People with more money take candy from children.

That’s it. I don’t ever want to be rich. I don’t wanna be a meany pants.


Really,though…this is fascinating. When people complain that members of Congress should all have to live on minimum wage and food stamps (at the same time), there might be a grain of functionality in that sort of action.


The McBudget

This is a sample budget given to McDonald’s workers . McDonald’s is openly saying, “You are going to have to get a second job.” At least they are recognizing how impossible it is to live on minimum wage in the U.S. That’s where the realism ends.

$600 for rent? I live in an itty-bitty small town and you can’t find a place to rent for that. Forget about the city.  I see they did include a car but no gas money. This hypothetical employee lives in a tropical climate where you don’t need heat but they must not be using the A/C too much. Not with that electric bill.

McDonald’s, for its part, charges employees $12.58 a week for the company’s most basic health plan.That’s if they’ve been with the company for a year.  But somehow, this employee has a $20 healthcare plan. I suppose at least they’re not using the Walmart health care plan (telling employees to go apply for Medicaid ). However, they are absolutely assuming that all their employees are going to be receiving food stamps. This is why they didn’t bother budgeting for food. They neglected to budget for groceries that SNAP will not pay for, like toilet paper and personal hygiene items. Clothing is optional,as well. Yay, nudist employees at McDonald’s!

Fighting the Urge has broken this down well.
(slightly adult language at the end of the post)