Net Neutrality,DeVos confirmation, #NoDAPL

I had this conversation yesterday:
Me: Blogging is soooooo frickin’ depressing right now. If I’m not talking about how poor I am, I’m talking about the garbage fire America is. Or telling people how to try to put out the garbage fire.

Friend: Yeah…
*long pause*
I miss the days when you blogged about art involving clitorises. The Song of the Day was nice,too.

In honor of that conversation, here are a list of links about how America is a garbage fire and a song of the day. You can google clitoris art on your own.

This Sure Feels Like the End of Net Neutrality– The FCC took steps last week towards cutting the Lifeline program for low income folks that has helped tremendously in bridging the digital divide.

Check out: Pod Save America, a new podcast that tracks the misdeeds and nonsense of this new administration. (latest episode briefly also mentions the cutting of Lifeline programs)

Also, here’s an earlier post of mine that explains why it’s important for low income people to have access to the Internet. It isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity.

ICYMI: DeVos was confirmed for Sec of Education. Here are the Senators who voted for her who are up for re-election in 2018:

Flake AZ
Wicker MS
Fischer NE
Heller NV
Corker TN
Cruz TX
Hatch UT
Barrasso WY

Don’t let them keep their positions.

This piece written before DeVos’ confirmation is now a scary reality – 10 Public High School Teachers Explain Why They’re Worried…

I’m also urging everyone to take some time today to make a public declaration on your kids’ or local public school’s Facebook page (if they allow comments) to let them know how much you value their contribution and support the job they do. A lot of educators need to hear something good today.


It turns out that the so-called president had no idea that an executive order he signed gave Steve Bannon a seat on the National Security Council and he’s mad about that. Also, no one can figure out how to work the light switches in The White House.

“We’ve Woken Up”: What It’s Like to be LGBTQ Under Trump – lordy

Read about all the new ways our food policy may change and regress now

On the #NoDAPL front, the Army Corp of Engineers granted an easement that allows pipeline construction to go forward. So-Called Pres said that the DAPL isn’t controversial and “he hasn’t had one call”  to which anyone opposing DAPL responded, “Uh,hey there,buddy…YOU SHUT THE COMMENT LINE DOWN SO WE COULDN’T CALL!”.

Taking many deep breaths right now.

Here is Dallas Goldtooth talking about what the next legal steps tribes might take from here

And on that note, here’s my song of the day. No significance or relevance to anything…it just happened to be the last song I heard.

Lunchtime Links: 20 Protein-Packed Black Bean Recipes, tomato-growing tips, and Tarbuj Ka Chutney

Lunchy links. Writing this as I’m eating leftover tabouleh and fish. Yum

20 Protein-Packed Black Bean Recipes | Brit + Co..


10 tomato growing tips

Good tomato growing tips for you newbies out there.


Tabuj Ka is watermelon rind chutney.
Tarbuj Ka Chutney
4 cups watermelon rind, fruit and outer green skin removed
and cut into 1 /2 “ pieces

1 cup apple cider vinegar
3/4 cup sweetener
1/4 cup minced fresh ginger
1 Tablespoon minced garlic
salt and pepper to taste

*This chutney pairs well with a spicy main dish.
via here.
Feels like I have ages before watermelon season here.
I haven’t even put mine in the ground.
If you’ve never listened to Leo Kottke, check him out.  He’s one of the most underrated (or maybe just unheard of)  guitar players out there. I love listening to him while I’m getting stuff done around the house.


Garden Enemy #1

Caught this bugger this morning in the Hav-a-Hart trap.

We’re about to hand him off to someone to take far,far away from my garden.

BUT the bad news is, the woodchuck I saw eating out of our garden had a wonky tail. This one doesn’t. So, guess we’ll be resetting the trap.