Thank you to everyone who donated money this month, either through paypal or as a Patreon supporter. Your contribution has helped alleviate a lot of stress here. The Patreon funds will help get a new print zine out early in June (fingers crossed).

A part of the monetary donations were spent on new shoes for my little guy. He told me one morning he wanted “pink shoes with unicorns on them”. One of his sisters also said that one day he told her he wanted shoes like hers but pink. They’re Converse high tops. I struck out finding pink converse with unicorns but he was just as happy with the shoes.

Best shoes ever. I realize this is a weird picture but I took it during lunch on his field trip I chaperoned yesterday and it was about the only time his feet weren’t moving

I also scored that t-shirt he’s wearing at a thrift store for 99¢ last week. I was able to get a few other good scores for the kids’ summer wardrobes,too. Even little  expenditures like that wouldn’t have been possible w/out the support.

I also want to individually thank Cheryl for helping make my little one’s birthday an even more special day…and also including my other son in your generosity. Thank you so much!

saying “goodbye” to his dog before getting on the bus with hsi new backpack. Thanks, Cheryl!



Thanks to Laraine for the care package with little essential goodies much needed in a household with 4 women.

Thanks to all of you for your words of encouragement and support lately. It’s helping me to get through this more than you might imagine.

Anyone need a FREE dress for a prom or something fancy-ish?

This first dress is being offered by Matching Outfits. If you’re interested, use the Facebook messaging system to contact .

It’s a size 2/3 and hemmed to fit about 5’2 or so.

Here’s the whole post ~here ~

This next one is one I’m offering. Probably easiest to contact me via email at First one to contact me,gets it.


It’s a size 8, but fits smaller,IMO. It’s trimmed with black velour and the dress is satiny-ish with dots that are black & glittery.
Here’s the measurements:
Waist: 15″ across front
Bust: 18″, armpit to armpit
Length: roughly 36″







Need help? Read this. (please)

Yup, that’s all me.

Like I said the other day in Jenn’s “thank you”, my inbox on a regular basis is a place where people go to share their personal struggles and such. Most of the time, they just need a safe and supportive place to talk. Actually,no…not most of the time. All of the time. Sometimes, people are also looking for help. I can usually find what they need or guide them in the right direction.  It’s kinda my thing. Thanks, Malcolm Gladwell for helping me to recognize myself as a lot  Maven and little bit  Connector.

There are a lot of people who need more help than I can give. The funny thing that happened to me after the great response to  Jenn’s Words, although I certainly was happy for Jenn that people were willingly so generous and were able to help her out of a deep hole , I found myself really, really pissed off. So many people in this exact same type of situation and even worse.  And you know how I had to work really,really hard to clean up the language here? Forgive this lapse:  Shit is fucked up. Man.

It goes without saying, money is a big deal for a lot of people right now. I have a few projects in the works that will help fill the needs for some people. Not just money because as much as I know a ton of people think money is king, I think there are a lot of ways we can affect change and help people that don’t involve money.
At this blog, the point has never been to solicit donations because that’s a bit unfeasible and well…. yes, it’s annoying. I personally have unsubscribed from social media accounts that are constantly asking for money. So, while I feel I have an incredible outreach tool here to reach out to people who can help those in need, I want to be careful of not bombarding people will appeals to donate to individuals. I also don’t want the overall intention of this blog to be diluted.

The solution I came up with for right now while I work on getting other things going is to have one post here on the blog, once a week. In that post, I will share brief profiles of what people are needing with a link to where you can help them out at.

So, if you need something right now, here’s what I need you to do: Fill out this contact form below.You do not need to use your full name…just a first name is ok. This goes directly to my inbox and I will not publish any of your contact permission without your permission.

I can’t promise everyone will get what they need but we’ll give it a shot.