rent rant

I’m two days late paying rent but the landlord hasn’t even cashed my May rent check yet. At the end of April, they cashed both March & April. You know who can hang on to multiple rent checks for over a month? People who don’t need money. They’re adamant that rent be paid that 1st week …but then just hang on to the checks? And try to charge $5/day late fee. More money they don’t need and won’t put back into their rentals to fix basic shit and make it less of a dump.

The 1st

I have to pay rent today but I can’t make myself look at my bank account before I write a check.
I feel like we’re hemorrhaging money and I’m constantly trying to shove all of my being into the gaping wound to stop it from flowing out.
Glancing at the bank account always feels like throwing salt on the wound.

I do this one little word thing every year and this year I can’t decide between gold and rage. I want life to be golden but I feel like the only thing keeping me going is the rage.


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Weekly Update- 1.15.16

This week had some good illustrations of how it’s expensive to be poor.

We paid rent a week late. There’s a $25/day charge for every day it’s late. We did not pay that. If they insist we pay it, I’ll get it to them when we get our income tax back.

We were late paying rent because car insurance was due and even then, that was late. There was a lapse in coverage. We were fined $72 for that lapse. We will be doing taxes muy pronto, so that can wait,too.

There’s some people who want to say this sort of thing is due to poor money management and lack of budgeting skills but nah. I have excellent budgeting and money management skills. I just need some money to work with over here.

Upcoming this week, we have a NYSEG & Time Warner shut-off. Thankfully, I talked to a nice person at NYSEG and I have until Thursday to pay the electric. I think Time Warner will let me make a partial payment.

Good news: The post-Christmas sales blahs are fading and my online biz is picking up. I should have enough money by Monday to pay TW so I don’t lose my Internets .Maybe buy some groceries.Gas for the car. Payday is next Thursday for the husbeast and we’ll be able to pay electric.  We have something like $30 until then. NOT negative $30. 30 whole dollars!

So, it’s not entirely bleak!

Really,it’s not. I swear.

My littlest guy was sick w/ an ear infection and nasty cough but he’s all better now. No one else has been sick *knock on wood*. Husbeast’s co-worker is selling us her beautiful pastel green,organic eggs for $2/doz (going rate is $4.50 here). I’ve been super productive this week with both writing and business stuff. I finished watching Making a Murderer without having an embolism. And Agent Carter comes back next week!

Also, Courtney Barnett released this song that’s an ode to instant ramen (not David Chang’s ramen) and hey, where would we be without ramen?

(Sorry,Courtney. I still would rather have Momofuku ramen)

Photo via Lucky Peach


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