Who gets food stamps?

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America’s hatred of welfare date back to politicians using a manufactured image of the black “welfare queen” to create collective hatred and harness that racist energy to get votes for office. 

Unfortunately, people still ignorantly believe the stigmas surrounding Black (women/mothers,especially) and think there’s generations of Black families who rely on food stamps and other assistance.  This isn’t exactly true,either.  Many studies have shown that children raised in poverty are more at risk of being impoverished in adulthood but it isn’t influenced by receiving welfare benefits. Actually, increasing the resources and lifting people out of poverty improves the odds for children raised in the family. Researcher Peter Gottschalk and his colleagues have noted: “Because families receiving welfare are poor – indeed, poverty is a condition of welfare receipt – we would expect children from welfare families to have higher rates of poverty and welfare use as adults than children from nonpoor, nonwelfare families. Intergenerational correlation, therefore, does not necessarily indicate a causal relationship. . . .For example, if both mother and daughter grow up in neighborhoods with poor-quality school, both will be more likely to have lower earnings and, hence, a greater need for income assistance. . . . Changing the quality of the school her daughter attends. . . .will raise her income and, in turn, lower the probability that she receives public assistance.” (I would add that taking away her meager welfare income and health benefits will probably not bode well for her children’s education, health, employment future or general well-being.)

Edited to add:
The most recent stats look like this:
43% of SNAP participants are white, 33% are African-American, 19% are Hispanic, 2% are Asian, and 2% are Native American. The other percentage is probably unknown or smartasses like me who sometimes put “Human” as the race. Some people who are mixed race use Other because they prefer not to identify w/ one single race.