November financial picture

November Basic Bills

Rent- Oct + Nov $2,250
Electric- $209 (regular bill plus monthly payment agreement from past balance)
Car Insurance- $79
Phone/Internet – $129

Other Things We Really Need 
Gas for the car
toilet paper, dish detergent,laundry detergent,etc

November Income
Main Job- $1680
Patreon- $149
My Undetermined Odd Jobs…..???

Husbeast’s work schedule this week has been 4pm-midnight and might stay that way this month. This is why I can’t get a consistent part time job in the evenings. His schedule changes too quickly.

I also had to close my main online shop because I couldn’t even afford the flat $30 a month fee.

SNAP- $210 – available on Nov 9th

We’ve spent $83 so far this month on groceries that couldn’t wait until SNAP came through.

We probably won’t be getting HEAP this year because they will not apply payments to electric bills unless the main heating is permanent electric and not portable space heaters. HEAP will pay a wood vendor but we honestly don’t need wood and every wood vendor who takes HEAP says orders needed to be placed months ago.
(Refresher: We heat mainly with a woodstove but there are rooms that it won’t heat so we have to use space heaters in those rooms.)

We already missed one food pantry this month. Ours is only twice a month. We missed it because husbeast was working that evening and there was no way for me to get there.



I might be able to handle that.

Mid-September update

Maybe wake me when September ends.
All my months are terrible at this point, though. I can’t say it’s September’s fault. I’m perpetually stuck in financial distress but still waking and trudging through it.

I make progress in my own success and then something fucks it up and then the next weeks of my life are spent just trying to get out from under whatever catastrophe happened. Instead of just being able to pick up at the point I left off, it’s like constantly rebuilding a sandcastle every time the waves roll in an wreck what I just built.

I reapplied for food stamps. We were approved for $215/month.  It doesn’t feel like enough but it’s better than nothing? I think that’s the response I’m supposed to have. At least kids get free lunch at school.

We didn’t have running water for a bit. This house is terrible. I love living here but I hate the house, if that makes any sense.  The property management fluctuates between being wonderfully accommodating and horribly inept. Even though I have a list of things that need to be done around here and the water situation, they still honestly expect rent. We paid half so far.

Oh, and there’s black mold in the bathroom.

I have a fantastic garden. This is the major highlight right this second. I mean, besides the normal thing of the  kids are healthy and doing fine. Living in a bit of chaos but fine! Just fine.