Garden Update: The corn was definitely ‘knee-high by the 4th of July’

Well, the garden has had time to do some growing, so just a little update to tell how things are going.

remember my Bean Trellis I made with crutches and 6-pack rings?

Here’s what it looks like right now:

It was working beautifully. Then as the weather got warmer, it seems like the plastic started to deteriorate and would just snap. I was constantly mending it. But the beans were growing nicely regardless.

And then this guy got hungry. He cleared the entire thing all by himself.

This is the 2nd woodchuck I caught in the hav-a-hart this summer. The 1st one was sticking to broccoli & cukes. This one ate the beans there (I have more elsewhere,though) , all but 3 swiss chard plants, ALL the brussel sprouts, and some more broccoli.

Hopefully, he’s the last one in the area and the rest of the summer we’ll have peacetime in the garden.

So, here’s what I have growing that I planted on purpose:
~cucumbers ~ yellow wax beans ~ green beans ~snap peas ~swiss chard ~beets ~cauliflower ~kale ~zucchini ~pumpkins ~spaghetti squash ~watermelon ~corn ~peppers~ tomatoes (both cherry & regular)~ okra ~carrots ~parsnips~lettuce ~spinach ~dill ~cilantro~basil ~sage~chamomile~lovage~bergamot~sunflowers(3 different types)~onions ~potatoes

I did not plant lemon balm but I still have it in multitudes. I could start a farm. I also have volunteer plants everywhere. I started the season with 4 regular tomato and 2 cherry tomato plants. I had plants seed themselves all over the place and now I have 25 tomato plants. Who knows what variety and I’m okay with that.

I also have herbs that reseeeded themselves in every crack and crevice.

I have a lot of things that just grow here normally that other people would pull as weeds. Lots of mallow, wood sorrel, plantain,shepherd’s purse, and red clover. I use them to make tinctures & infused oils or dry them for teas & other medicinal uses.

Grey Gardens (the driveway/container garden part of the garden) hasn’t seen any pest activity beyond a few slugs and a chipmunk who thought he should uproot some sunflowers for the fun of it.

The big tubs are quite packed and I might transfer some things out of there soon.

This is the ratty privacy fence that separates the backyard from the back of the bar next door. We mounted rain gutters & planted greens…


Speaking of the bar next door…

We were having problems keeping patrons from peeing (and doing other things) in the garden. This is what I ended up doing:

So far, it’s helped.


The bar decided to build an addition on to the back,so they let us raid the scrap lumber pile. We rescued an old gate and some scraps to build this bike rack.


So, that’s how it’s going.
Haven’t harvested anything other than herbs yet and also haven’t spent any more money since the last update, so we’re still at $21 for our cost.

Creating an urban garden space

An Urban Revitalization Project (click for a video!)

This was a parking lot. This is a project done by a woman who bought an old ice house and renovated it to live in, in an urban area. The garden is her own space that goes with the property but I think it’s a great example of what can come from urban spaces. There are certainly obstacles when we’re talking about converting abandoned lots and parking lots … permission from the property owner,code enforcement… yadayada…but ¬†these things are easier to overcome when you get a few like minded people together to fight a little bit ¬†(or a lot) for the project. I find if you emphasize, “It’s for the benefit of our community “, you get farther and gain more support.